​Liahona MIC is in the business of helping Mortgage Brokers find cost-effective and efficient solutions for their clients.

We provide residential, commercial and construction financing throughout Ontario, and we specialize in small towns & rural areas.

Our Priority is Your Next Closed Deal!

We use a common-sense approach to lending, focusing on structuring mortgages to fit your clients’ needs.

Our responsive, professional and experienced staff will make your job easy to find the right deal.

We have a history of helping Mortgage Brokers succeed for over 15 years.

Neither Liahona MIC nor any of its affiliated companies are licensed as Mortgage Brokers in Ontario.

Property Types & Max LTV


Residential 1st


Cottage & Waterfront


Commercial/ Industrial


Residential 2nd


Hobby Farms (house + 10 Acres)


Construction 1st

Rates & Fees

Our typical loan is a closed 12-month interest-only 1st or 2nd.

However, we do offer flexible solutions including open or closed mortgages from 6-24 months. Mortgages can be interest-only or amortized.

Our rates and lender fees are based upon market, property, and borrower conditions. We will provide general rates based upon the market conditions.

Please contact us today for the current rates and fees.

Email us today for more information.

Email us today for more information.